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Vietnamese food, must try!

 Each country's cuisine has its own unique charm to represent the identity of that country. Vietnam is another country that have unique style in food.

 There are many different kinds of Vietnamese food to choose from. You can find the food both of the restaurant  and street food on the side of the road.



 Pho is a popular dish in Thailand. Pho is a food that is shaped like noodles in our country.  There is difference in the size of noodle that are a little bigger than our noodle.  The flavor of the soup is lightly, salty and contains spices such as cinnamon, asterisk, cloves, parsley, scallions, etc. The seasonings include lemon, basil, bean sprouts and bell peppers.  Pho can be eaten in Vietnam quite easily as it is  Street food that is quite popular.


  1. Goi Cuon

 Goi Cuon or another name that most people know as fresh spring rolls.  Goi Cuon is one of the national dishes of Vietnam.  The filling will contain vegetables and herbs.  Protein is shrimp, and eat with the sauce.  Goi Cuon is considered a food for healthy lovers and is very popular because it is very lean.


  1. Banh khot

 It is a dessert in Vietnamese-style. The main ingredient is rice flour mixed with coconut milk.  It has proteins such as shrimp or pork as topping on tpo. If you don't want to eat it as meat, you can put it as a bean topping too.  The way to make it, is put the flour into the mold that makes Kanom Krok.  When cooked, then fried to a crispy yellow color.  When eating, wrap it in vegetables and drizzle it with a delicious sauce.  

*Kanom Krok is sweet and savory grilled, filled with custardy coconut cream with shape of cup.


  1. Ca Phe Trung

 Ca Phe Trung is the famous coffee with egg. The uniqueness of Ca Phe Trung is that it is a unique recipe invented by Hanoi population. This coffe tastes more like a dessert than just normal coffee because of creamy foam on top of coffee is sweeter than regular coffee with milk whipped foam from the yolk mixed with sugar. Makes the cream soft and fragrant with oily of the egg yolk. It has a thin egg smell but not fishy. It is a famous food of Hanoi ever.


  1. Bun Cha

Bun Cha appearance is similar to our Thai Rice Vermicelli, but Bun Cha is not Rice Vermicelli. Vietnamese people like to eat Bun Cha start at 11 a.m. When you see the smoke of roast pork, that means they're start to be preparing to serve Bun Cha. The way to eat is you need to eat the noodles with roasted pork and hot broth. There is a side dish of fresh vegetables and various pickles.


  1. Banh Xeo

 Banh Xeo or many of you know as name Vietnamese Savory Crepe. Flour is made from rice mixed with turmeric powder. Stuffed by pork or shrimp and bean sprouts, including herbs, depending on the recipe of each restaurant. The method of eating is cut into pieces, then wrapped in vegetables, and dipping with sauce.

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