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          Sihanoukville, the coastal city of Cambodia is very interesting at the moment. There are Casinos, Hotels, Tourist Attractions, etc., included here. Sihanoukville is approximately 230 kilometers from Phnom Penh that is connected by Highway 4, the important highway in Cambodia because this road is used for transporting cargo to the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port.

In the past

Sihanoukville was formerly known as "Kampong Som". In 2008, Kampong Som was raised as a province and was renamed Sihanoukville in honor of King Norodom Sihanouk.


Nowadays, Sihanoukville has grown in business more than before because of the Cooperation of the Cambodian and Chinese governments. Many Chinese investors invest continuously, As a result, the city has developed rapidly within a few years and it is expected that the city will soon develop a lot in the future. The business that is growing the most at this time is probably the casino, the hotel and some Chinese have moved to this city as well, opening shops and owning many businesses causing an impact on the small businesses of Cambodia.

Massive Chinese resort breaks ground on Cambodia's Sihanoukville coast –  Thailand Construction and Engineering News

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