November 23, 2023 08:26

[Boonsiri Pass Update 2023] Everything you have to know before buying - Is it worth it? How much? How to use?

One thing that tourists always find as a problem when traveling Thailand, such as traveling islands or crossing borders, is traveling with uncertainty from many factors. That’s why flexible traveling that can be used any day is necessary for tourists. However, planning the traveling plan is still useful for some paths. So today we have the new ticket, Boonsiri Pass, to represent. What is Boonsiri Pass? How much is the price now? How many types are there? Where can we travel? Where to buy? How to use it? This is basic information for everyone who wants to travel to Thailand and Cambodia.

List of contents
1 What is Boonsiri Pass?
2 What can I sit on with Boonsiri Pass?
3 How many types of Boonsiri Pass? Where can we travel? The latest price in 2023
3.1 Boonsiri Travel Pass (All Area)
3.2 Boonsiri Thailand Pass
3.3 Boonsiri Thailand & Cambodia Pass
4 Where to buy a Boonsiri Pass?
5 How to use Boonsiri Pass?
6 In summary, is Boonsiri Pass worth it?
7 The map for traveling

What is Boonsiri Pass?
The full name is Boonsiri Hop-on Hop-off Pass. It is a type of ticket for a boat company, Boonsiri High Speed Catamaran, used for traveling by bus and catamaran under conditions of the ticket. You can use a ticket for an unlimited boat trip within a specified period of the card.

What can we sit in Boonsiri Pass?
Tourists who have Boonsiri Pass can use all services of van, coach bus, speed boat, and ferry catamaran. This is information for types of Boonsiri Pass.

You can use a bus service within Thailand for 2 trips. The boat unlimited across to Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Chang, Laem Sok Pier Trat, and Hat Lek Pier Trat.

Thailand & Cambodia

Thailand & Cambodia
You can use Boonsiri bus service within Thailand and Cambodia. The boat unlimited across to Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Chang, Koh Rong, Koh Sadet, Laem Sok Pier Trat, and Hat Lek Pier Trat.

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