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Boonsiri High-speed Ferry is open for service to Koh Chang. The origin is from Hat Lek Pier, Koh Kood, and Koh Mak, and package tour services are available from Bangkok to Koh Chang Open every day in a complete service

The boat schedule to Koh Chang is available as follows:

1.Khaosan Road Bangkok (Bus Package from Bangkok and ferry across to Koh Chang) Traveling from Bangkok to Koh Chang by bus and boat by Boonsiri High-speed Ferry Company, available twice a day. The bus will depart to the pier at 06.00 a.m. to Hat Lek Pier, but at 7:00 a.m. the bus will go to Ao Thammachat Pier

The Bus departs from Boonsiri Khao San Road office, Bangkok to Trat Province, It takes approximately 4.30 hours. The Bus will stop for about 20 minutes once

The buses provided are air-conditioned one-and-a-half to double-decker buses with 40 seaters. There are restrooms available. Luggage storage can fit under the Bus.

2. Hat Lek Pier

Hat Lek Pier is the new pier of Boonsiri High Speed ferry located in Khlong Yai District which is near the border of Ban Hat Lek. The pier area has restaurants, coffee shops, car parking, and all facilities also can travel from Hat Lek Pier to Koh Kood and Koh Mak

Hat Lek Pier Boonsiri High-speed office. The new pier of Boonsiri High-Speed Ferry is located near the border of Ban Hat Lek about 20 minutes drive from the Ban Hat Lek border, it is a new private pier that services both Thai and overseas tourists

3. Ao Salad Pier, Koh Kood
Ao Salad Pier, Koh Kood's main pier for the boats coming from various routes pick up and drop off passengers at this pier. Traveling from Bang Bao Pier, Koh Chang, to Koh Kood, there is a transfer service from the resort to the pier, and from the pier, there is a local car (Songthaew) that will take you to your accommodation

Ao Nid Pier, Koh Mak
Ao Nid Pier, Koh Mak. A multi-purpose pier with both tourists and fishing boats docked at the port of the pier, tourists can rent motorbikes and ride around the island

5 popular activities on Koh Chang

1. Snorkeling, Koh Rang Islands, Yak Lek Islands, and Yak Yai Islands are other activities that tourists are very interested in. There are many different resources under the sea. The snorkeling spot is rich in coral, big and small, and there are beautiful photography spots at San Chao Beach, a small beach with fine white sand. You can swim in front of the beach

2. Thai Gondola Cruise is a boat trip to see the scenery of the rivers on both sides, such as mangrove forests. See the atmosphere of life of the villagers in Koh Chang on both sides of the river. This activity is suitable for cruising in the early morning and evening. Not recommended during the day because the weather is quite hot

3. Gun Shooting activities in Koh Chang require skill practice And the shooting range must be safe and tight. It is another activity for tourists who like challenges, practice skills, and use meditation

4. ATV Tour on Koh Chang is an activity that adventurous people must come to. Whether it's going into the forest, going down the creek, going down the mountain. Ready to go ATV, another activity that shouldn't be missed on Koh Chang

5. Bathing and riding elephants, and traveling to Koh Chang really have elephants. Taking an elephant to bathe in the sea is another activity that both people and elephants enjoy and includes elephant riding. See the atmosphere around the elephant camp where this activity Mostly, foreign tourists are more popular than Thai people

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