June 24, 2021 14:10

5 Places in Phnom Penh that makes you know Cambodia better than anyone

Royal Palace

This is the residence of King Sihamoni and is the focal point of the city. Visitors can only visit the Throne Hall and a few other buildings around it, but you'll find information about the royal history about some interesting temples, and an amazing courtyard. Worth the $10 USD entrance fee.


The Silver Pagoda

The silver chedi has murals telling the story of the Ramayana. Within the grounds are five pagodas, the largest two in the east contain the ashes of King Norodom and King Udung. (Two of the most famous kings of modern Cambodia) has a statue of King Norodom on horseback. It is included in your visit to the Royal Palace.


The National Museum

The magnificent National Museum houses thousands of antiques and works of art. There are more than 5000 pieces on display, mostly from the Angkor period. The building, with its rooms connected by a central courtyard, is also an architectural masterpiece. Admission is $10 USD.


Choeung Ek

This is the Khmer Rouge killing fields. Choeung Ek is a large number of tombs excavated, while Toul Sleng is a former high school that the Khmer Rouge converted into a torture center. The price for admittance Choeung Ek is $6 USD and the museum is $8. USD



This is the largest help center in Cambodia. Admission is $5 for adults and $30-60 USD for a taxi. Don't forget to bring your hotel friends along to help split the cost of a car. (Long distance and dusty, so tuk-tuks are not recommended). All entrance income will be directly at the zoo's expense.

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