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What to do in Koh Rong, Cambodia

Snorkeling and Scuba

Koh Rong has many beautiful marine life, so snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular activities (contact the Koh Rong Dive Center on Taj Island or Reef Dive Resort on Koh Rong). Long Set Beach )

On Taj Island, many places organize snorkeling trips that will take you to great places around the island. This is the best way to see the small ecosystem, corals, seahorses and the abundance of bare birds on the island. Watch this video to see the beautiful wildlife on the island:

Snorkeling trips generally will include fishing activity, observe the plankton, barbecue and sunset. They usually cost about $10 and are from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

If you want more time (about $70 for the trip), we recommend hiring a private longboat to take you north to Pineapple Island. (You can travel around Koh Rong this way)

The area has beautiful beaches and great snorkeling spots. You can stop several times to try local Cambodian fishing techniques. (Use only fishing plastic bottles)


Island tour

Koh Rong is a very large island. If you want to see other beautiful places We recommend you to buy the island tour. This tour is one day trip :

You can rent the boat tour on Taj Island - you'll see ads everywhere along the beach. The long boat can accommodate up to 10 people and you'll pay around $100 between you for the entire day. (Try to leave early in the morning to see every place before sunset)

One great thing about island tours is that you can stop anywhere along the way and choose how long you want to spend at each location. You can also go to all the best snorkeling areas or stop at an island in the middle of the desert. (See Pineapple Island)

Go see the fluorescent plankton.

Flourescent plankton of Rong Island sparkling like the starry sky around you is an amazing sight at night. (Learn why they glow on Wikipedia.)

แพลงก์ตอน เกาะรงในเกริ่น

Although this phenomenon is abundant on the island. But fluorescent plankton can only be seen in places with very little light pollution.

So if you are on Taj Island. The easiest way to see plankton is you need to resurve a boat tour. (You can walk to Police Beach on non-party nights )

Tour booking is very easy (billboart is along by the beach) and going to watching the plankton, cost is around $5 (departs at 7pm). You can also see plankton during the cruise.


ride a Jet Ski

You can hire a Jetski at KM Watersports (located by Monkey Island Resort ) or at Golden Bungalows, the prices vary depending on the season (and sometimes depending on day to day needs), so you can look to pay $150 for 1 hour of fun.
*Please be careful of snorkelers or scuba divers!


Watch the sunset

In case you are a sunset lover. The best sunsets are generally found on the western and northern sides of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem.พระอาทิตย์ตกที่ลองบีชเกาะรงในกัมพูชา

Some great places to visit are Sok San Beach Resort, The Royal Sands, and Lonely. Beach on Koh Rong and M'Pay Bay , Lazy Beach and Sunset Beach on Koh Rong Samloem



Away from the main swimming area. There may be a slight breeze, which is ideal for activities such as windsurfing. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can learn or rent windsurfing with Rong Wind (at Reef on the Beach – Long Set Beach)



On good days the water is calm and there are very few waves – perfect for a little adventure! You can kayak to smaller islands for snorkeling or mangrove rivers, renting around $5 an hour or $12 a day







Play High Point Zip Line and Rope Park

The High Point Zip Line and Rope Park are definitely more obstacles among the trees. For those who want to see the beautiful forest scenery while having fun.โหนสลิงจุดสูงบนเกาะรง
Twenty ropes hang between trees, each presenting a different challenge. Costs are around $25 in low season and $35 in high season.

Paddle Board

Try paddle boarding is one more adventure activity. It's much more fun and easily than other adventure activity. There are a few places to rent paddles on Taj Island – just ask someone on the main beach. 



They have built a road linking the Royal Sands Resort to Taj Island, so you can bike to Long Beach from Taj Island.
This is a great trip as you can sit and relax on the white sand beach with few people around you.


Chill out at Long Set (4K)

If you are a person who likes sightseeing. On this island there is also a wonderful walkway. The walk we had in mind was on Long Set Beach (4K) towards Pura Vita and Long Set Resort, heading right when you board the ferry at Taj Island's main pier.

ลอง - บีช - เกาะ - ร่อง - เกาะ - กัมพูชา
long set @Rang island



Blob Jump

If you're looking for a different and exciting challenge, you should go for the Blob Jump at Tree house Bungalows. You will jump from a height of 4-6 meters onto the big palm raft below and your body will bounce into the sky, before having to go into the water and boommmm!! sound of water explosion. This exciting experience costs about $3 each.




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