June 24, 2021 14:14

Phnom Penh travel guide (save price)

Of course, traveling in Phnom Penh is not expensive at all, but if you try the trick like we do. You'll find that it saves your money a lot.

You can bargain with a taxi driver.

Do not forget to ask the price before using the service every time and remember, the first price you hear is always inflated. If you're not sure what the regular price is ask your hostel/hotel staff in advance. Usually they can help us book a reliable driver as well, or maybe use Grab's service, it's another good choice.

stay far from the river

The most expensive accommodation is by the river. If you want a cheap place to stay, stay away from the shore. Most are located in the middle and south of the city or try searching from here Phnom Penh accommodation starts from 2xx baht.

Book the trip as a tour group

You'll have more bargaining power, when you're in a crowded group. Ask your new hostel friends and try to persuade them to join you on the same tour. Then you'll have a bigger denominator.

Use a water bottle with water purifier.

If you are a real traveler. It should have to be carried with you in the long run it, that will save you a lot of money.  It is still not safe to drink tap water in Phnom Penh, and although it is cheap to buy bottled water, but we still don't know the actual production process, and if you are a real traveler. It should have to be carried with you. That is will save and safe for, you can add water anywhere and help reduce plastic waste from drinking water bottles .

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