June 24, 2021 14:22

Tips to enjoy in Koh Rong, Cambodia

We must check the weather conditions before traveling. You can see the weather for each month in the text below.

November – May [peak season]

November/December/January/February: Warm and dry, 25°C daytime.
March / April / early May : hot and dry, 35 °C daytime
It is the best time to visit Koh Rong Island. During these months you will have hot and cloudy days and low humidity.พฤศจิกายน / ธันวาคม / มกราคม / กุมภาพันธ์:


May - mid August / October - early November [rainy season]

May/June/July/Mid August: hot and wet, 35 °C during the day.
October / early November : warm and wet, 25 °C daytime
The rainy season on Koh Rong is from mid-May to early November. It is difficult to predict exactly what the weather will be like in these months. But most of the day, it rains heavily throughout the day in short periods that last about two hours or more.


August – September [Monsoon]

September are the most inclement weather. It may rain only at night or during the day. It may rain for several days at a time or stop for several days in a row. It is an unpredictable period.

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