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The 5 best casinos in Sihanoukville 

Sihanoukville is a coastal city of Cambodia that is growing rapidly recently. The city is brimming with many business growths. However, one of the most top businesses right now is the casino, which was due to the investment of Chinese investors. It can be said that it is New Macau in Asia. Now, Sihanoukville attracts many global customers from the casino. So today we would like to offer The 5 best casinos in Sihanoukville. Let's see!!

Sokha Vegas Casino at Sokha Beach Resort

Sokha Beach Resort is a hotel located on Sokha Beach, it completely spans the beach from end to end with swimming pools, tennis courts, several spas, a beauty salon, fitness center. Kids club Beachfront bungalow a house on the lake Hotel rooms and, of course, a casino for the gambler. This casino has a wide variety of gaming machines and tables. Inside the hall, there are live music performances for gamblers to enjoy and entertain the gamblers.

Casino Sokha Vegas at Sokha Beach Resort - Picture of Sokha Beach Resort,  Sihanoukville - Tripadvisor

Queenco Hotel & Casino

Queenco Hotel & Casino is located in Victory Beach. The hotel has more than 199 air-conditioned rooms. In addition, the casino has 138 slot machines and 12 table games, including baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, making it a casino. The second-largest Nova in Sihanoukville. Gamblers can enjoy free snacks and drinks as well as treatments in the hotel's spa. It has a large swimming pool, 3 restaurants, and a nightclub.

รีวิวQueenco Hotel & Casino - โปรโมชั่นโรงแรม 5 ดาวในสีหนุวิลล์ |

Holiday Palace Casino Resort

Holiday Palace Casino is the largest casino in Sihanoukville. There are more than 200 gambling machines and 10 gambling tables, including 6 baccarat tables. In addition, there are also blackjack and roulette. There is a VIP area for the special gambler. There is a VIP area for the special players with two more baccarat tables for the high-stakes games. The resort also features 11 dining options, a business center, and a spa surrounding the outdoor pool.


Jin Bei Casino & Hotel

The Jin Bei Casino & Hotel is close to the Golden Lion Roundabout, not far from the tourist attraction. This hotel is about 35 minutes from the airport. It has 7 floors and it is the largest casino in Sihanoukville, with an area on the ground floor that houses various casino machines, approximately 2,000 square meters in area. Here you will find over 50 slot machines and over 33 gambling tables with a wide selection of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker which set the number of bets varies. This 4-star hotel offers currency exchange. Swimming pool, Spa, Fitness center, Restaurant, and many amenities

Jin Bei Casino & Hotel | arts stew ศิลปะในโรงแรมและคาสิโน

Fortuna Casino

Fortuna Casino is a short walk from Jin Bei Casino and even closer to the Golden Lion Roundabout. Fortuna Casino has the cheapest blackjack in Sihanoukville. It also offers baccarat, blackjack, and other table games alongside a selection of slot machines. Although the hotel is quite simple, it is not decorated as luxurious as other hotels. It has a beautiful rooftop bar and restaurant, as well as a spa.

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