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Review Koh Kood Update 2021

Koh Kood is a fantastic island of Gulf of Thailand for people who loves beach, jungles, including waterfalls. Koh Kood is suitable to unwind to escape hurly-burly from city life. Koh Kood is conveniently from Bangkok, which is the most popular choice for tourists to take the Bus + Ferry package (join ticket) of Boonsiri High Speed Catamaran Company

We have to arrive Boonsiri’s Office at Khaosan Road at 4.30a.m. to check in before departure time. The bus will departure at 5.00a.m. and, arrive the Boonsiri’s Office at Leamsok around 10.00a.m. for Check-in and the shuttlebus will transfer you to the Pier which the first Ferry round at 10.45a.m.

You can a reserve in advance at . Additionally, you can use the e-voucher on your smartphone to check-in as well. The Join Trip package will include food, which food will be prepared at the Boonsiri’s Office at Leamsok. 

Boonsiri tour offers traveling form Bangkok-Trat by both of Vans and Buses, it depend on quantity of passengers in each day and also have private Van and Bus services to Bangkok-Trat.

For more information
please contact: / 085-921-0111, 094-724-7555

The bus service is about 40 seats, including toilets, seats reclined to level, and USB charger connector. Don't be worry about the battery running out within traveling.

Our group has 8 peoples, which we had reserved a ticket Bangkok-Koh Kood package in advance 7 days before traveling. We recommended to reserve the package 1 month in advance during the long weekend; it is only 1,000 Baht/person/one way, and round trip 2,000 Baht/person. The price included (bus and boat, bus guide, travel insurance, meal, and drinking water)

Boonsiri Bus will depart from Khaosan Road at 05.00 a.m., runs onto the Ban Bueng Motorway, and past Rayong and Chanthaburi to the destination at Laem Sok Pier of Trat Province.

The bus have only one stop at Wat Mangkon Bupharam, Chanthaburi (Wat LengHuayi) to worship and unwind for approximately 20 minutes.

Wat Mangkon Buppharam, Chanthaburi (Wat LengHuayi) Wat Mangkon Buppharam Built-in 1977, size around 8 rai of debris is a Mahayana Buddhism temple, a temple built with Chinese architecture. The courtyard in front of the temple is an open courtyard with a lawn. There are two side-by-side octagonal towers, decorated with mosaics and polished stone. Visitors are very popular with visitors to pay their respects for their auspicious glory, wishing for a fortune.

When you reached Boonsiri’s Office, check-in with the staff at the counter to get a ticket or using your pre-booked voucher to show to the staff for confirmation of the Resort again.

Tickets for getting on the Ferry Catamaran will be Blue ticket for Leamsok to Koh Kood and Green for a Return ticket. Please don't lost it.

There is a restaurant at Boonsiri’s Office, “Icing Coffee” shops are open daily at Boonsiri’s Office at Laem Sok Pier from 07:00a.m. to16:00p.m. (service times can be  change depend on to the boat schedule)

 Furthermore, tourists can buy coffee by paying through your application of the government’s  "Pay Half the project". (if you have the benefits)

The office has a seat to accommodate the tourists, cafes, restaurants, and any features. Anyone who drives a private car can bring it to the office, with a 50 baht/car/day service fee.

Icing coffee shop offers a wide variety of good beverages.

The menu is available start from 49 Baht, neither it's Thai and International food.

The Boonsiri’s staff are very attentive to all customers.

Within 30 minutes before departure time, the staff will inform the tourists to take Boonsiri’s shuttlebus to drop off at Laem Sok Pier. Located just a short distance from Laem Sok Pier, around 1 km away.

Inside the boat is a large air-conditioned room with 288 seats, a toilet, and a minibar. Moreover, any pets are brought to the boat will be paying at an estimated cost of 200 Baht. (Prices may depend on pet size)

You can go outside to rooftop for relaxing and viewing the beautiful scenery.

Ao Salad Pier ( Koh Kood) is a deep seaport that services both ferry and fishing boats docked. Another symbol of Koh Kood is a giant Buddha statue of Phra Phutthiphasatisataporn that outstanding at the bay.

The boat take time from Laem Sok Pier and arrive at Ao Salad Pier, Koh Kood, only 50 minutes. After we get on the boat, there will be a Localbus (songthaew) is waiting for tourist to drop off, to where you are staying. (The vehicle will be for free)

This trip, we choose to stay at Jungle Koh Kood Resort. Which decorates in Garden style with many tree and the room is made from the wood. Resort is away from the sea just only 1 km.

 (Ao salad pier to Jungle Koh Kood Resort, taking by a Songthaew for about 30 minutes.)

During guests arrived at the resort and check-in at the counter. After that the staff will serve Welcome Drink to you.

Jungle Koh Kood Resort has approximately 8 rai. Designing with materials of wood. To be in concert with nature perfectly.

They has 2 Room Type, Include Jungle Room, there are suitable to stay 2 people, and Standard room, the stuff recommended to stay in this room if you would like to stay with family, and the boath of room type you are also add Extra Bed as well.

The resort has a total of 53 guest rooms.

Interior room is designed in the wooden style, and comfortable such as Bed with a mattress on the floor  and Spread a mosquito, Air Conditioning, and Wifi.

When entering the room, Jungle resort will give drink water 2 bottles / per day.

The room is wide, about 18 square meters in wooden style among the wonderful jungle.  For reservations, contact Tel: 095-2044042 or

The bathroom is equipped with hot shower facilities, soap and shampoo.

Our trip is a package 3days and 2nights, including travel and all meals at the resort. (All food and beverage is specified according to the package that is reserved.)

The food is very fresh and tasty. Moreover, those who are Muslim can inform the staff when reserving the package.

The resort's swimming pool is open from 08.00a.m.-20.00p.m., with poolside bar.

The resort offers Fantasy Swimming Rings to take photos or enjoyable in the resort's swimming pool. 

First day trip at Koh Kood, we plan to view the sunset at Koh Kood Resort, Bang Bao Beach.

Koh Kood resort has many corners for us to capture beautiful pictures of good scenery.

The Last view of the first  Day at  Bang Bao Beach

After returning to our resort, Dinner at Jungle Koh  Resort was full of a seafood menu with many delicious menus such as, Butter Scallops, Stir-fried, Crab with curry powder and Organic Fish with Sauce.

Then we have a delicious dinner passed, it’s time to relax. Tomorrow! we have an early diving trip around Koh Kood and Squid fishing.

Songthaew will pick us up at the resort at approximately 9.00 am and drop us off to Klong Lahan Pier used time around 25 minutes.

Klongyaikee pier is a small dock for longtail boats and speedboat for tranfer tourists to enter the resort.

On the second-day trip, we went to Squid fishing by longtail boat, seating about 10 people with two crew members. The boat will run through pass Banmakok resort and Captalhook Resort.

 The boat sailing on the beautiful canal and delight in with Mangrove tree.

The first diving spot is Rad Island that full of beautiful Tiger Fish.

The most category of coral around Koh Kood are Staghorn Coral, Knobbed Hump Coral, and Leaf Coral.

After diving, the boat will drop us off at Klong La Harn Beach to waiting for Songthaew to pick up us go to next spot for squid fishing, we will take boat at Ao Salad.

Clearly sea with white sandy beaches.

One of the most popular activity in Koh Kood is Squid fishing at Ao Kluay. The crew was able to make Sashimi to eat on the boat. For more information, please contact: 095-2044041

The other team member of us, who are not available to diving, require to take a trip around Koh Kood instead, and we decided to go to Muei Coffee cafe at Klong La Han Beach. They design café with a Tropical bar style.

Muei cafe has many photo corner, ideal for those who love pretty decoration with good ambiance.

There are various recommended menus available such as Spaghetti, French fries, Fried chicken, and many Beverage.

After indulge in a café at Muei cafe, and we walked to unwind in a good atmosphere for capture among this evening around Klong Mad. It is a small port and a Fishing's village.

The fishing village is a famous place for resorts or restaurants on Koh Kood that gather various seafood with fresh and affordable.

After exhausted from activity all day, and we return for Dinner at Jungle Koh Kood Resort for the last special dinner at the resort before returning to Bangkok tomorrow morning.

Jungle Resort’s kitchen is open daily from 07.00 a.m. to 21.00 p.m.

After successful of our breakfast. The minibus will pick us up at the lobby resort.

After check-in at the pier, you can choose your seat at your convenience. The Ferry will take time only 50 minutes from Ao Salad Pier to Laem Sok Pier.

When the boat arrived at Laem Sok pier, shuttlebus will be waiting us to picked up at Laem Sok Pier to drop you off at the office.

We booked round trip package Bangkok-Koh Kood.

At the office, they will have food serve to you before departure time. For people who take the private car you, Boonsiri’s office also have a coffee shop, and you can order before beverage or food before returning.

After we finished our lunch. Get ready to get back to Bangkok at around 2:00 p.m. and arrived Boonsiri’s Office at Khaosan Road around 8.00 p.m.

Let us make your wonderful holiday.
Package Reservation (Bangkok-Koh Kood) Tel: 085-921-0111, 094-724-7555