Koh Rayang Nok Is a little island located in the southwest of Koh Mak, away from Laem Tukta, approximately 1 kilometer. It is a popular and attractive twin-island near Koh Mak. Either of them is well known for the wonderful underwater world and famously beautiful beaches ideal for relaxing truly. Koh Rayang Nai is closest to Laem Tukta and also surrounding by mountain and greenery tree. Rayang Nai is suitable for snorkeling and kayaking to experience good scenery.

Koh Rayang has only a resort is Rayang Phurin Resort, to welcome tourists from the mainland. Rayang Phurin Resort comprises three double room bungalows and six single rooms, totaling 12 rooms out of 9 bungalows, all of which are made of natural wood. These bungalows were built to spread widely from the beach over to the hills. Any rooms furnished with amenities such as a queen-size bed (5 feet) and wall fan. The ensuite bathroom includes Washbasins, showers, and bidets. There is a balcony in front of all bungalows to unwinding with good landscape and nature encompassing to make your special holiday impress and joyful in a long time.

Koh Rayang is a small island; therefore, water and electricity are considered essential to be saved in the resort, using a small generator. The electric generator is sufficient for general performance within the island. Consequently, the resort will turn on the lights from around 6:00 pm until approximately 10:00 pm. or longer depending on the weather in each season.

Freshwater sources are not available on this island. Most of the usable water comes from rainwater reserves during the rainy season. Using water while staying on the island should be used sparingly. Of course, that's not enough to manage it all year round. Therefore, sometimes resort needs to order freshwater from the coast of Koh Mak.

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