5 beautiful beaches @Koh Samet

Koh Samet is the most popular island for party lovers, as it is the island near the capital after Koh Lan. There are many restaurants, entertainment venues, and other facilities. In addition to these things, the main thing that attracts many tourists is the clarity of the sea as well. So today let's talk about 5 beautiful beaches, that you should not miss when visiting Koh Samet.

1. Sai Kaew beach

Soft white sand beach and the water is crystal clear, making this beach is the one of the most famous beaches on Koh Samet. This beach has many resorts for tourists to choose from, priced from hundreds to tens of thousands. Additionally, this Sai Kaew beach is close to most Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars on Koh Samet. Making this beach more famous for party lover, and still has water activities for tourists throughout the year. If you go to Koh Samet, do not miss this beach.

2. Ao Wong Duean

Let's continue at Ao Wong Duean, the bay that got its name from the crescent moon-like shape of the beach. Ao Wong Duean is the most popular beach next to Sai Kaew Beach, but not big as Sai Kaew Beach. This beach features sandy beaches sloping down to the sea, making it very suitable for water activities. There are many Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars to choose from.

3. Ao Cho (Ao Lung Wang)
Ao Cho, also known as Ao Lung Wang, is quieter than Hat Sai Kaew and Ao Wong Duean. This beach is quieter than Hat Sai Kaew and Ao Wong Duean. For any tourists who come to relax, lay down and relax with sea breeze, this place is much more suitable.

4. Ao Kiew

3 beaches that we recommended are all in the East. Next, let's talk about the beach on the West side of Koh Samet. Ao Kiew is divided into 2 zones: Ao Kiew Na Nai, located at West of the island and Ao Kiew Na Nok is ocated at East. Ao Kiew is known as one of the most of beautiful sunset spots on Koh Samet, and also has a viewpoint from a high angle It's also at Ao Kiew. The bay is also a great source of Coral for snorkelling. More importantly, this secret bay is not too crowded.

5. Ao Prao beach
Ao Prao Beach, the most peaceful beach. One of popular spot that makes many people fall in love with Koh Samet. This beach is quite calm, don't have many accommodation as other beaches but maintain luxury, there are complete facilities so you don't have to go anywhere, because this bay is far from the Restaurant and Departure Store, thus making the hotel available for service.This beach is located on the West of the island and also, the most beautiful sunset view point on the island.