August 3, 2021 15:39

Chilling at the market or shopping malls is something that will be in many people's trips. Today we go to Pattaya, the city full of colorfull. Today we offer interesting market and shopping mall to visit in Pattaya.

1.Pattaya Night Bazaar

Pattaya Night Plaza is a night market on Pattaya Second Road. There are many shops selling clothes, shoes, bags and other souvenirs. There is a wide variety of products to choose from. You can try to negotiated about the price.

2. Four Regions Floating Market

Four Regions Floating Market is a tourist attraction. That simulates a shopping atmosphere in the old atmosphere with 4 The regions of Thailand, North, South, East, West. That make tourism with a traditional of Thai.There are replicas of old Thai houses, and vendors rowing boats to sell things as a traditional floating market.

3. Harbor Pattaya

Harbor Pattaya is a place to visit half a shopping mall. There are a lot of things to choose from. There are playground available for both children and adults to do activities together. Convenient in doing various banking transactions.

4. Outlet Mall Pattaya

It is the largest outlet mall in Pattaya. It is a source of brand-name products, discount up to 70 percent, including Nike, Timberland, Warner Bros Studio, Lacoste, Adidas, Levi's, Samsonite and many others. There is a restaurant service. and sell a lot of good stuff at cheap prices.

5. The Avenue Project Pattaya APF Pattaya Branch (Pattaya Avenue)

This is an open-air avenue community shopping mall. There are many restaurants to choose from. On the upstairs, there are discounted name brands such as Adidas, Quiksilver and Playboy. The mall here is quite convenient. There are supermarkets to collect cinemas, bowling alleys, making it almost the best entertainment venue in Pattaya.

6.Central Festival Pattaya Beach

Central Festival Pattaya Beach is the most prominent shopping mall in Pattaya area. It is a popular shopping mall with complete facilities. Can shop, eat and walk. There is a section of a supermarket, section of a department store. and food court organized into a record proportion. There are well-known stores such as Zara, North Face and Calvin Klein, among others. There is also an electronics section, 10 movie theaters on the top floor and 16 bowling alleys.

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