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Traveling from Bangkok to Battambang and Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Boonsiri High Speed Boat Company. There is a service from Bangkok, Khao San Road to Cambodia. All service available for Thai and foreign tourists to travel to Cambodia which has culture and ancient art sites that are World Heritage famous such as Angkor Wat

Location for check-in point in Bangkok at Khao San Road, Soi Tanee Road, Boonsiri High Speed Ferry Office. There is a check-in point for the company. For Travelers, please be ready for check-in at least  1 hour before the departure time.

Inside the office, there is a waiting area for check-in. There are officers of the company to look after and be able to place luggage but it must be a worthless property. There is a bathroom available. Getting to the office is quite convenient. It's easiest to call a taxi. because the office area does not have car parking area overnight


The company's car will stop for a meal at Ar Ar restaurant, which is a la carte meal in Chanthaburi Province. The food is included in the package of the bus that travels to Cambodia. The bus will stop for 20-30 minutes.

The company bus will take the route from Chanthaburi Province to Baan Pakdak border which is the border between Thailand -Cambodia.. All tourists will get through Departure Immigration before leaving the country and entering the country (the service fare does not include the entry fee), there will be a service fee to enter Cambodia about 100 baht (the service fee may change without prior notice).

Immigration CheckPoint Departure from Thailand. All Thai tourists, please prepare your passport and if you are a foreign tourist in the European zone or other countries in Asia It is advisable to contact the embassy before entering Cambodia. Normally, when traveling, use a passport for no more than 14 days (for Thais)

 Get your passport ready. Don't forget.

The currency used in Cambodia will use two currencies, Riel and US dollar, suggesting that it would be more convenient to exchange dollars as most hotels in Cambodia use US dollars than more Riel

After completing the immigration check, walk across the border to the Cambodian side and for entry into Cambodia After checking the documents, there will be a Sakorsiri car parked there and able check-in with the driver. Then get on the car for go to Battambang and Siem Reap.

Battambang បាត់ដំបង is another city in Cambodia. In the western part of the country near Sa Kaeo Province and Chanthaburi Province, Thailand. Chanthaburi borders to Battambang about 2.30 hours. Lok Ta Dambong Kra Nhoung Shrine, the symbol of Battambang. Anyone who has traveled to Battambang city if not come to the Battambang circle seems never to have arrived in Batambang which is the sacred place of Battambang. There were many people coming to pay their respects. Including taking pictures

Angkor Wat អង្គរវត្ត Angkor Wat is located north of Siem Reap, 5.5 kilometers from the city. The construction of Angkor Wat was built on the orders of Indra who wanted to be the residence of his son. According to the 13th-century traveler Zhou Daguan, some people believed that Angkor Wat was built by a god of architecture over a night

Boonsiri High Speed Catamaran Company And Sakorsiri (Cambodia) is very pleased to bring tourists from Thailand to Cambodia and from Cambodia to Thailand. It is a trip route between the two countries operated by Thais. Also has branches in Cambodia and to islands in Thailand and Cambodia.

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