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Top 6 Souvenirs when going to vietnam

When to go to Vietnam, many people can't stop to buy a lot of stuff, because there are many things worth buying. There are 6 souvenirs that we have recommend you should not miss, but remember to bargain every time you buy. When you see something you want, just do it. Ask for prices at many shops and compare.

1. Ao Dai, the national costume of Vietnam

The current national costume of Vietnam, Ao Dai, has three main styles.
Trendy, long dress that fits the curves of the body with a dart belt at the waist It's bright and popular among young people.
How to buy Ao Dai? first of all, you must look at the fabric. There are usually two different colors, one for the long dress and the. Second, contrast for the pants worn inside. After choosing the fabric, you'll take it to a tailor who specializes in creating Ao Dai. It usually takes about a week until you can pick up the finished product.
How much it costs: Ao Dai costs at least VND 700,000. If you can take the time and experience to find good fabrics and a good tailor for Ao Dai, you may have your stylish ao dai for that price. Reasonable VND 1,500,000.

2. Vietnam hat

The straw hat is a round cone shaped made of bamboo. It is more than an indispensable tool for the people of Vietnam. It has become a cultural symbol. Famous for its romantic decorations Styles vary from region to region of Vietnam.
The shape protects the wearer from downpours in the rainy season, that like an umbrella, and provides shade and protection from the heat during April and May when temperatures rise to unbearable levels.
Where to buy: You can buy it at any general store. There are both types of hats that actually work. As an ornament as decoration Even as a mobile Don't forget to bargain every time and enjoy it.

3. The art of hand embroidery

Hand embroidery and silk painting are ancient handicrafts in Vietnam. For the most part, you will find picturesque natural scenes such as flowers, trees, animals and birds, patiently stitching multicolored threads one by one. But also everyday scenes, even portraits can be created with this ancient technique. Tourists are often baffled by the wide variety of designs available in hand embroidery shops, the bright colors and the fascinating depth of the artwork.
In some shops, tourists can explain or sketch their ideas to artists who create personalized gifts for friends and family.
How much it costs: You can buy a small hand embroidered product for around VND 500,000. For larger images it can be VND 2,000,000 and more.

4. Silk

Silk woven from silkworm cocoons. Therefore, it was considered very luxurious and was only available to the nobility. In the past, silk was only produced for the royal family of Vietnam, but nowadays silk is widely used throughout the country. Silk and beautiful products today are inexpensive, so tourists have the opportunity to choose what they like and give to friends and family.
Where to buy: Generally available The price of typical Vietnamese silk is at least 70,000 VND / m and more than VND 100,000 / m for the premium type. This lower silk is a fake and please beware of fake but expensive.

5. Wooden Shoes – Guoc moc

Wooden shoes (guoc moc) were traditional shoes for men and women of the past. That is show about enhance the elegance of Vietnamese women, when attending important festivals or special events.
Nowadays, wooden shoes are less popular. Due to the design, the shoes are made of lighter and more durable materials. However, the profession of selling and making wooden pickets was quite rare. Each pair of booties is handmade, priced at 100,000-180,000 VND.

6. Copy brand stuff

You can shop world-famous brands like Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, and even top sportswear brands like Nike, Under Armor and Adidas, and more, at very low prices and most importantly, the price can still be negotiated. What are you waiting for? Hurry and bring them back quickly but..everything is fake!!
Where to buy: Almost everywhere in Vietnam but the market that collects the most fake products is known as Shenzhen, Vietnam is the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City known for its fakes. has everything you are looking for and don't forget to enjoy negotiating in order to get branded (fake) products at a cheap price, I'm here to support you hihi ?



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