August 5, 2021 15:17

The best hotels in Pattaya under thousands.

Pattaya hotel at this price is not more than a thousand, good location, beautiful view, clean room with full facilities.

1. Ibis pattaya

Ibis Pattaya, a three-star hotel decorated in a modern and elegant style. There are many types of rooms to choose from. There is a swimming pool and a large restaurant available, near the walking street zone and convenient to travel.

2. Noursabah pattaya

A three-star hotel with like being in an old noble manor.  There is a large swimming pool and a large dining room with warm white and cream blue tones.

3. Monica boutique hotel

The hotel is decorated in a luxury modern style. This hotel has a location close to the sea.  Available with a large swimming pool.

4. Grand Jomtien Palace

This four-star hotel is located near Jomtien Beach, walking distance within 2 minutes, decorated in a simple and warm style, offers a large swimming pool and a large restaurant.

5. View Talay 6 Pattaya

Four-star hotel decorated in modern, luxurious, clean rooms with a large pool. with panoramic sea views.

6. Nonze

A hostel that is inexpensive but decorated to look warm and cute like home.  Everything is organized into proportions that look very orderly.  Close to various attractions is comfortable.

7. Sleep with me pattaya

A hotel decorated to look like you are staying at home.  The highlight of this place is the very delicious coffee and a swimming pool that is a glass step like an expensive 5-star hotel.  Makes it look beautiful photography and very elegant.

8. Oakwood hotel journeyhub pattaya

The highlight of the hotel is the swimming pool design that is unconventional and very beautiful.  The hotel is decorated to look warm and cute, making it look relaxed.  Serviced with a large fitness room.

9. Glow pattaya

This hotel is decorated in Hong Kong Chinese style with a mix of Chinese.  look very modern, a large swimming pool is available with a Chinese style restaurant.

10. CRR managed by AHA Smartstay

Condo-style hotel with modern design in white tones with a large swimming pool, good looking, clean, delicious food.

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