August 4, 2021 14:45

Pattaya, the city of tourism. Now, whoever thinks of Pattaya will definitely not only think of the sea because Pattaya has opened a lot of new attractions.  This makes it possible to travel all year round. Restaurants and cafes are places where people pay a lot of attention because there is a good location, beautiful decoration, beautiful photography.

Tutu Beach Cafe 

The new pink cafe by the sea of ​​Pattaya.  The shop is located at Soi Na Jomtien 10, near Jomtien Beach.  The shop's highlight is that everything in the store is in pink tones.  All seats are bright pink.  It comes in a Hawaiian theme.  There are indoor and outdoor zones available.  There are both Thai and western food to choose from as you like.

Great & Grand Sweet Destination 

This dessert cafe is like we are in sweets town in fairytale. Great and Grand Sweet Destination is an ice cream and dessert cafe.  that is ready to take everyone on a journey with a giant candy town, that is very cute and unique  Both the taste of delicious desserts are perfect as well.

Papa Beach Pattaya

Cafe Papa Beach Pattaya, open the world of the mermaid in you.  Blue, pink, and pastel purple themed cafes are cute and bright.  There are mermaid and cute seashells themed decorations, suitable for cafes by the sea.  It's worth it to sit and chill or take photos and enjoy with delicious food.

Fat Coco Beach Club

Bright themed cafe fat girl wearing a yellow swimsuit. Set the mood on the beach in the warm sunny summer.  In the café, the theme is a private pool party.  There is a swimming pool in the middle, can actually go swimming. Inside the shop there are many corners to take photos, food and drinks are very delicious.  They range from heavy meals until appetizers.

Mong Chang Cafe

A cafe with a strange name, comes with a cool concept.  You can ride an elephant to see the garden. This place is like an elephant cafe.  There is an elephant show  and educate about elephants. It is one of the most interesting and amazing places.

a • Direk

A Direk cafe is a cafe combination with the bar because at night it will be a bar to sit and drink.  The shop is decorated in a simple, classic style, very suitable for cool person. There is available a service for both of air-conditioned rooms to the outdoor zone.  The menu has a wide selection.  Since the food that can be classified as a meal  or snacks  including various sweets.

Backstreet House (Black Street House)

Loft style resort and cafe.  Control the tone in dark tones.  This café is perfect for coffee and cocktail lovers, because there are many types to choose from.  For those who are not coffee or cocktail lovers can come and take pictures.  There are other drinks as well.

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