How to get to Koh Mak (Complete version)

Koh Mak, a secret island that many people overlooking, because most people when go to Trat will go to Koh Chang or Koh Kood. So that make the island did not get any attention. But recently, Koh Mak has a Low Carbon campaign, so today we would like to present how to get to Koh Mak with 4 main methods.

1. Travel by private car
For the first way, is the easiest way to go to Koh Mak. Bangkok - Trat, we recommends you to using the motorway - Chonburi (Road No. 7) and then turning onto the Ban Bung-Klaeng (Road No. 344), drive continuously, you will see 3 Intersection (Klaeng), then turn left onto Sukhumvit Road (Road No.3) pass Chanthaburi to Trat. Total distance is approximately 319 kilometers, takes 4 - 5 hours.
Or maybe you can pin a GPS to Laem Ngop Pier or Krom Luang Chumphon Pier. Near the pier, there is a car park for about 50 baht / car / night.

2. Travel by bus

By bus, it will take about 5 hours to reach Trat with 2 main bus points: 1. Ekamai bus station 2. Mo Chit Bus Station. The price starts at 300 baht +. There is a round to choose from from 5:00 am. - 11:30 pm. This method can be difficult for people who are far from two bus stations at home, and are not very convenient to stop or go to the restroom, as well you have to take the car to go to the pier by yourself, so plan carefully to avoid getting lost.

3. Travel by plane

For next method, it is the easy way but the most expensive as well. Take the plane to Trat, there is only one airline serving Bangkok-Trat, Bangkok Airways. By going up at Suvarnabhumi Airport, using 1 hour to travel to Koh Mak further. Then you need to hire a van from the airport to the pier to go to Koh Mak.

All 3 methods that are required are: drive a car or take a car to Laem Ngop pier. From Laem Ngop Pier, there are two main speedboats company to service: Panan speedboat and Leelawadee speedboat, taking about 45+- minutes to the island.

4. Boonsiri speed boat services.

As a last resort, we would like to offer the most convenient. There is not expensive. Which this service will be sell as a package from Bangkok-Koh Mak, going up at Khao San Road, the bus will leave around 5.00 am. on time, so you should arrive at the office 30-40 minutes before departure time.

This package we will take a visit to worship to make a wish at Wat Mangkon Buppharam.

The bus will drop us off at Boonsiri office, Laem Sok branch, and you can buy food and beverage here.

And board the Boonsiri Ferry Catamaran around 10.45 am.

Taking the ferry is more better than speedboat, because of there will be less bumped. We will arrive at Koh Kood, before transfer to Koh Mak. We will arrive at Koh Mak around 12.30pm and return, customers will board the boat around 11.00am and arrive Trat around 1:00 pm. The package price at 900 baht / person / trip.

*Additional Notes
There are no buses on Koh Mak, so the customers should check before booking with the hotel that they have a free shuttle or not. Otherwise, you will have to take a bus which is quite expensive.

* Please check with the company again before departure, there may be changes in the boat schedule.