How to get to Koh Chang (Complete version)

Koh Chang, the dream island of many people, I would like to try it once in my life. Probably because of the clear water, cool hotel, or local life. So today we will introduce a complete way to travel to Koh Chang.

Boonsiri’s transport service
Which this service will be sell as a package from Bangkok-Koh Chang, going up at Khao San Road. The bus will leave around 5.00 am., you need arrive at the office 30-40 minutes before departure time.

This package we will take a visit to worship to make a wish at Wat Mangkon Buppharam.

The bus will drop off at Center Point pier, and take the boat to across to Koh Chang.

After crossing from Trat to Koh Chang, our van will take you to 5 places as follows.

1.Koh Chang Naval Memorial
2. Shrine of Chao Por Koh Chang
3.Krom Luang Chumphon Viewpoint, Khet Udomsak
4. Kai Bae view point
5. Plai Ta Bang Bao Boat
On the way, will drop off tourists at the hotel that the customer has specified. Until the last tourists are completely down
For the fare, it will be at 750 baht / person, round trip 1500 baht.

Conclusion: Boonsiri's transportation is suitable for tourists who do not have their own cars, or do not want to drive long distances, this is will be the best option to you.

2. Traveling by private car
Getting around this way is quick and easy. We start from Bangkok, take the motorway - Chonburi (Road No.7) and turn into Ban Bung-Klaeng (Road No.344), drive continuously, you will see crossroad (Klaeng) I, turn left onto Sukhumvit Road (Road No.3) pass Chanthaburi to Trat. The total distance is 319 kilometers, takes 4-5 hours (depending on traffic conditions).

This method is suitable for: People who like to drive long distances / like privacy / can do the timing or stop as you please. More importantly, ensure that the direction will not flow along the way.

3. Travel by bus

For bus travel, we would like to divide the main ways 1. Tour bus 2. Van

3.1 Van is suitable for those who do not have their own car, and want fast to reach Trat takes about 4-5 hours, which we can take this van at the monument Near Rajavithi Hospital and Century Department Store, the car cost starts at 300 baht, the bus leaves from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (may be modified), it is a very convenient option.

3.2 Tour buses are suitable for those who do not like van congestion. Able to go both at Ekamai and Mo Chit 2 by tour buses running to Trat main, there will be 2 companies: 1. Transport 999 and 2. Cherdchai Tour Buses Bangkok - Trat run several times a day, taking longer than the car. The container is about 5 - 6 hours, which will only reach Trat transportation, the customer has to take a localbus to the pier for about 30 minutes.

4. Take a plane
For the last resort. it is the easiest way but the most expensive as well. There is only one airline serving Bangkok-Trat, Bangkok Airways. By going up at Suvarnabhumi Airport, it takes about 1 hour to continue traveling to Koh Chang. Have to hire a van from the airport to go to the island again.