9 check-in point @Koh Mak
Secret Island, which is full of magical and impressive individual charm. Many of you might know that Koh Mak is one of full of natural island in Thailand and not too far from Bangkok. The located between Koh Chang and Koh Kood. But you know, this secret island will not be so secret anymore because today we are going to tell recommend 9 check points at Koh Mak. Where will there be? Let's see!

1. Sapan Soo Fun (Cinnamon Bridge)
Let's start with the Cinnamon Bridge, here is a landmark of Koh Mak. This bridge is a wooden bridge extending into the sea around 500 meters long, which is the longest bridge on the island. Pieces as well Along the wooden bridge, there is a net stretcher extending into the sea for tourists to sit back and relax with the sound of the waves or take photos. When walking to the point of the bridge, when you turn your back, you will see Koh Mak.

2. Ao Kao beach
Next, Ao Khao Beach. As the name suggests, white sandy beaches are, moreover, the sea is clear as well. The highlight of this beach apart from the whiteness of the sand and the clarity of the water, there are also coconut palms leaning out into the sea. You can stop to take beautiful pictures. And check-in on social media, which is not too crowded here.

3. Koh Kham
The next check-in spot is Koh Kham. But eh, this is Koh Mak check-in point, but why we recomment Koh Kham? That's because Koh Kham is very close to Koh Mak. You can go to Koh Kham by kayaking. The highlight of Koh Kham is white sand and very clear water and also have separate sea.

4. Blue Pearl Bar
Blue Pearl Bar is located at Cococape Resort, or as some you might call it Cococape Bridge. It is a chill bar located on a wooden bridge stretching into the sea. It would be great, and you could get a good drink and a romantic atmosphere.

5. Laem Dun or Laem Kradun
Laem Kradun or people known as Laem Dun Located on the southeast of Koh Mak. The highlight here is that you can see the sea on three sides. Another important highlight that should not be missed is watching the sunset, it is very beautiful.

6. Koh Kradad
Koh Kradad, an island located in the northeast of Koh Mak. It is the one of the unseen of Thailand, because this secret place was called with the nickname Safari at the sea ,because has lot of deer live on this place, then it is the one of highlight of the island. You also can walk to another island as Koh Khai Hua Roh from this place.

7. Khao Ban Laem or Khao Map
This mountain is suitable for wade person because it takes about 50 minutes to walk up. The way up is quite steep and on both sides of the road is clearly overgrown forest. When you reach the top, you will be able to see Koh Mak from a very high angle. That is worth the effort.

8. Ao Son Yai Beach
It is a very popular beach. Ao Son Yai Beach: This beach is approximately 2 kilometers long, the highlight of this beach is the white sand and the water is also very clear. This beach area has many beautiful accommodation options. This beach is perfect for both Sunset and Sunrise atmosphere.

9. TuktaCape
End with a Tukta cape. The highlight of this cape is the quaint rock formations, that you can stop faor take cool pic. It looks similar to Hin Ta, Koh Samui. For hipster person, this is will be a good pace for you.