8 Check-in points @Koh Chang

Koh Chang, the party island, the reputation of the island is guaranteed by a growing number of tourists in every year. At any holiday, you always see the car parked to the queue to board the boat to cross to Koh Chang. Today we will tell you 8 check-in points that anyone who has come to Koh Chang should go a lot.

First check-in point, Watch the sunset @White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach is located on the west side of Koh Chang. On this side, there are white sand beaches, Chai Chet Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach and Bang Bao Beach. This west coast is very popular with both of Thai and foreign tourists. Along the beach, there are many hotels to surve to stay, and there are many activities to do, such as kayaking, swimming, hanging out, etc. The feature of this beach is the sunset view and beautiful view is at this white sandy beach.

Second check-in point, take a walk, enjoy the view & take photos. @Ban Nanai Mangrove Forest.
I would like this place a lot because it is quite quiet, and less crowded. Here is on East Coast of Koh Chang, which this side emphasizes the quietness of the island lifestyle as well, you can take a walk to see the atmosphere for a while. I can't wait to take a camera to capture a picture.

Third check-in point, is to pay homage to the Buddha image @Koh Chang
Before starting the trip, what will make our trip smooth and safe? It would be a prayer that our journey will go smoothly and safely. Driving on Koh Chang requires a little bit of skill, because the roads are steep. At Koh Chang and Chao Por Koh Chang Shrine, you can stop by and pray for peace.

Fourth check-in point: Klong Plu Waterfall
If you go to Koh Chang and think of the first waterfalls that have sprung up, you might not escape from Klong Plu Waterfall. Popular waterfalls have been in the hearts of tourists for a long time. With is abundant natural beauty, this waterfall has fallen into the minds of many tourists. For this waterfall, there is an entrance fee for Thai people: adults 40 baht, children 20 baht, foreigners: adults 200 baht, children 100 baht, and for motorcycle parking costs around 10 baht.

Fifth check-in point: boat riding @Ao Salad Khok
The current activity for Hipster Vision is taking a Gondola Boat of Thailand. This activity belongs to the villagers in Ban Salad Kok Do community, it is a 4 persons boat with a boatman 1 person. Take a boat trip to relax with atmosphers, cill with Mangroves forest, Mountains, Rivers, and Fishing Villages. The ideal time for this activity is 3:00 pm. The cost of the cruise is 250 per person, can bring food to eat on the boat. But for anyone who wants private dinner can notify in advance, the price is 2400 / boat.

Sixth check-in point: Koh Chang Lighthouse @Bang Bao
The most important landmarks, when you go to Koh Chang. Koh Chang Lighthouse, which is located at Bang Bao Pier.

Seventh check-in point: Elephant Trekking @Klong Prao Beach
Coming to Koh Chang, you also can meet real elephants as their name. This activity is very popular on Koh Chang. We can have fun with the elephants such as Riding on Elephants, Swimming at Waterfall with Elephants, and Bathe the Elephants. They are so cute.

Eighth check-in point: see the bird's eye view of Koh Chang @Kai Bae View Point
End with a viewpoint of Koh Chang from a high angle to see Koh Chang with sea view. Kai Bae View Point is in National Park and it is free to enter. You can bring your car to park and taste some coffee and enjoy a great view, that you can't find anywhere else.