5 relaxing bars & cafes, @Koh Mak

Cafe Lover, there are many beautiful cafes to choose in Koh Mak. Therefore, today we are going to the sweet spots, do not miss out on the 5 locations of cool bars + cool cafes at Koh Mak.

1. Head in The Cloud Bar & Bristro

Let's start with a cool cafe on the rooftop of Makathani Resort restaurant. This cafe is decorated with a cool black steel frame with glass room, which makes it possible to have access to good atmosphere because it is on rooftop. But inside the cafe, you still have a full view of the sea from clear glass and cool air.

2.Ball café

This shop is decorated in a modern style. Make people eye catching. The location of this restaurant is in the center of Koh Mak. Inside the shop is decorated in a shady atmosphere, full of trees. There are many photo corners inside the shop and also have the corner for reading books to relax and chill.

3. Blue Pearl Bar

Bar of Koh Mak Cococape Resort, The bar is featured on a wooden bridge stretching into the sea. Here is another important landmark on Koh Mak, everyone has to come and take pictures with the wooden bridge. You must come and try the food good taste with romantic sunset atmosphere.

4.Sweet cake cafe

Sweet Cake Cafe is a cafe full of delicious bakery, located near Ao Nid pier. In the morning, it is ideal to sit and drink coffee while eating delicious bread. In the afternoon, it is perfect to have a refreshing drink. This shop is a small shop, good service, the most important price is very affordable.

5. Chic & Chill Cafe Restaurant

The last restaurant the we recommend is Chic & Chill Cafe Restaurant is a restaurant + cafe which aside from delicious food. The cafes here are equally delicious as they are decorated to sit in a simple but elegant style. The romantic atmosphere is suitable for sitting and chilling. Take a lot of photos and check in with your special person.