5 beautiful waterfalls on Koh Chang

Koh Chang, Trat Province, the paradise island of the East of Thailand. Which apart, the beauty of the sea, the light and the sound of the top hotel or entertainment venues. It attracts lot of tourists annually. Koh Chang has many relaxing spots, such as waterfalls, one that many people would never imagine when you go to the beach. Today we would like to recommand 5 awesome waterfalls on Koh Chang. Where will there be? Let's see!

1. Khiri Phet Waterfall

We begin with Khiri Phet Waterfall, located in the west of Koh Chang. Which is 2 kilometers away from Salak Phet Fisherman's Village. Visitors can park the cars at the Rubber Plantation area, and walk around 15 minutes, you will find the waterfall. Khiri Phet Waterfall has many layers. For dry season, this waterfall will be a paradise for hikers, you also can climbed to 7th floors.

2. Klong Nueng Waterfall

Klong Nueng Waterfall is the tallest waterfall on Koh Chang. Getting to the waterfall is difficult. But it's worth it for a great view. This waterfall is for rest. We recommend having a local guide is a must for your visit.

3. Than Mayom Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall, located behind the Mu Ko Chang National Park. This place has to pay entrance fee to the waterfall as well, price for adults 200 baht / person, children price 100 baht / person. From the car park, we need to walk around 200 meters. Along the riverbank walkway, you will find the 1st and 2nd floors, which are not very tired, but on the 3rd and 4th floors the atmospher is very good, but it quite a long distance, the best way to have an officer that you should have guide.

4. Klong Nonsi Waterfall
A small waterfall located at the Northern of Koh Chang, near Ban Dan Mai. For the parking lot, follow the blue signs along the way, there will be a service charge, for cars is around 30 baht and for motorbike around 10 baht. Klong Nonsi waterfall, there is no entrance fee. Follow a few steps down the stairs and follow the river to find a waterfall.

5. Klong Plu Waterfall

Klong Plu Waterfall, an popular waterfall ever for who visiting Koh Chang. With this waterfall being accessed quite easily, if you are staying on the west side. In order to visit this waterfall, there is an entrance fee around 200 baht / person. From the car park we needed to walk an additional 800 meters (20 minutes), and for the second and third levels of the waterfalls needed to have guide to advice you, Klong Plu Waterfall has water all the year.