4 chilling activities on Koh Kood

Let your heart and flow to live with Slow life at Koh Kood. For Koh Kood, if it comes to parties, lights and sounds at night might not be as much as Koh Chang Because this island is really quiet and suitable for relaxation. But Koh Kood also has some cool activities for the chilly people. Let's see 4 chilling activities on Koh Kood.

1. Snorkeling Activity @ Mu Koh Rang National Park

Coming to the sea, not diving, as if you didn't come to the sea. For popular activities such as snorkeling, Koh Kood has a dive site that still maintains the beauty of corals. And Koh Rang is one of the top marine beauty that everyone must experience. Where Koh Rang is in the park The entrance fee to the park will be 40 baht for Thai people and, ____ baht / for foreign (per person).

2.Canoeing activities @ Klong Chao
For someone who likes a Slow life. Nothing is more fun than indulging in a canoe. See the surrounding mangrove forests, enjoy with the good atmosphere and the sound of crickets. This canoeing activity is perfect for couples because it feels very romantic. Moreover, Klong Chao is connected with the sea as well. Paddle from the canal to the sea to walk to the beach.

3. SUP Board Activity @ Bang Bao Bay
At Koh Kood, there is a SUP Board, also known as a paddle board for paddle, at Bang Bao Bay for Stand Up Paddle board is very popular right now. You also getting beautiful pictures because of it shows off the figure.

4. Diving + Squid fishing during the day @ around Koh Kood

Right now, Pattaya has a Squid fishing cafe at night, right? Koh Kood, we offer Squid fishing during the day. There are 2 sessions per day to choose from in the morning around 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM / Afternoon around 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM. It is a good activity and you can enjoy with the fresh delicious sashimi. For those of you who have never tried to be fishing before, don't worry because they have the staff to teaching and advice you.