13 Beach (Bay), @Koh Mak

Koh Mak, a secret island in the middle between Koh Chang and Koh Kood. Koh Mak has manything beautyful, so today we would like to tell all the Beaches (Bays) on Koh Mak, let's see!

Ao Nid
For who goes to Koh Mak must go to Ao Nid Pier. Ao Nid doesn't has beaches, but you can watching the sunset at the Bridge Pier. Ao Nid is close to many shops in the community. It can be said that it is the center of Koh Mak.

Kra-ting Bay

Ao Kra-ting has a beach that stretches to Ao Kao. This bay is full of coconut trees, giving it a lot of shadyness and here is also Makathani Pier, is another landmark as well.

White bay

Ao Kao is next bay from Ao Kra-ting. The beach is not very long, but the White bay, the highlight is that there are no rocks like other bays. There is a resort serving tourists as well.

Ao Tan

Ao Tan is a beach where is focus more on the promenade to enjoy the evening view, but the highlight of this beach is The Chinamon Dream Bridge belongs to The Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa. What is special about it is a wooden bridge that stretches 500 meters into the sea and is also the longest wooden bridge on Koh Mak.

Ao Phra

Ao Phra, this bay is the bay that I would recommend everyone to go to swim, because the water around there is very clear and the sand is super white and soft. The beach is only 400 meters long and the surrounding scenery can clearly see Koh Chang, Koh Kham and Koh Wai. The most beautiful, probably inevitable, the beautiful sunset view that I want to pause the time at all.

Suan Yai Bay

Ao Suan Yai is the longest bay on Koh Mak. The beach is sloping into the sea. Cause the waves are not very high, suitable for swimming. More importantly, the water is very crystal clear.

Laem Son

Laem Son, the name comes from the beach with pine trees along the beach. The beach is quite quiet. Non-crowded people, then suitable for picnic. At this beach, you can see Koh Kradad as well.

Bamboo Bay

Ao Phai is not recommended to swim because there is only the red rock at the beach, but when the sun hits the red sand, it will be show the charm. From this beach, we can see Koh Kood as well.

Ta Tan Bay, Ta Khai Bay, Ta Khai Bay

Ta Tan Bay, Ta Khai Bay and Ta Phai Bay, these 3 bays are quite close to each other and walkable, and all 3 bays are very suitable for swimming. Start at Ta Tan Bay, that is suitable for chill out with sea breeze. Ta Khai Bay, the bay that is next to Ta Tan Bay has to walk through the coconut groves to be able to swim. But the sand is a illtle bit rough. The last is Ao Ta Phaeng, which is the fishing village on Koh Mak. Who wants to try to experience local life, we recommend you come try.

Cape Doll

Cape doll area has accommodation, most of them are fan rooms. This area is therefore more popular with foreigners than Thai people.

Ao Pong

Ao Phong, which is close to Ao Nid. This beach is not very long, able to swim, but the water is not quite beautiful. From Ao Nid pier, walk to the end of the bridge and turn right. Walk through a gravel path of about 500 meters and you will see the beach of Ao Phong. There are many inexpensive resorts serving tourists in this area.