10 popular hotels @Koh Mak

Koh Mak, one of the beautiful islands of the East of Thailand, good atmospher with clear water, white sandy beaches, and good environment, because Koh Mak have Low Carbon Campaign for make people more closer with natural. That make both Thai and Foreigners tourist more interest to go to Koh Mak, accommodation on Koh Mak is inexpensive and very beautiful. So today we are going to present you 10 populara commonation in Koh Mak.

1.Kohmak Cococape Resort
Let's start with Koh Mak Cococape Resort. Famous resorts located in Ao Phra and Ao Son Yai. Inside the resort is decorated quite shady. For villas, there are options for both hillside and seaside. In addition to the highlight of this place, apart from the clear water and white sand, there is also the Blue Pearl Bar, a bar located on a wooden bridge that stretches into the sea.

2. Koh Mak Resort
Let's continue at Koh Mak Resort. Another popular accomodation to stay in Koh Mak. This accommodation is design with Villa style, so you can experience the sound of waves and relax in the sea. The accommodation is located in Ao Son Yai area, with 3 types of rooms, and you can join with Beach Bar to enjoy your evening in Koh Mak.

3.Plubpla Koh Mak Retreat
Plubpla Koh Mak Resort, the famous resort in Ao Phai area. The resort is decorated in a modern style with a blend of Thai traditions. The beach in this area is quite private and quiet. And there is also a pier for taking pictures.

4. Mira Montra Resort Koh Mak
The popular resort in year 2020, Miramontra Koh Mak, located in Ao Prao area. This resort is decorated in a minimalist style, simple but elegant, they using the Earth Tone color to connect with natural of nature in Koh Mak. The highlight of this resort is Swimming pool beside sea, you can see the sea fully.

5.Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort
The resort as the name suggests is Ao Kao Beach. This is a beach with white sand and clear water, which is the name of the beach, the highlight of this beach is the longest and is also one of the most beautiful sunset spots on Koh Mak. Another important highlight is the wooden bridge that stretches into the sea, so you can take great photos.

6. Prompakdee Resort
Prompakdee Resort, a cool resort. The located is around Ao Son Yai, this resort has a canal through the middle of the resort. The resort is decorated in a Bangalow beside the sea style. Also, in this resort, I would like to say that, they have many photo corner areas.

7. Naivacha Tent Koh Mak
Next, appease the camping lovers with Naivacha Tent Koh Mak, Koh Mak accommodation in luxury tents by the sea. But people who are not camping lovers, you also can stay because they have all the facilities and amenities as a good hotel. However, if you want to try to change the feeling and sleep in a luxury tent by the seaside, you can look at Naivacha Tent Koh Mak to your choice.

8.Makathanee Resort Koh Mak
Another famous resort around the bay area with Makathanee Resort Koh Mak. Which is the longest bay and the most beautiful sand on Koh Mak as well. The highlight of this bay is sunset view. The accommodation has 2 floors, you can see the sea view very clearly, and this resort is also had the villas.

9. Villa Allure Koh Mak
Villa Allure Koh Mak Resort is located around Khanoon Bay. Inside the accommodation is shady and full of trees. This resort is very private, because of no villagers around this accommodation area. The highlight is the rocks around resort area, the popular area that hipsters wound like to go to take photo.

10.Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa
Another famous resort with Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa, located in Tan Bay. Accommodation with Bungalow style, decorated with Earth tone colors. There is also another highlight or can be called a landmark, that when coming to Koh Mak, you must check-in, which is the Chinamon dreams bridge.