10 Poppular Restaurants @Koh Mak

Let's travel to Koh Mak and enjoy, as there are many check-in points here, and then, we start to get hungry again. Those restaurants are delicious and the atmosphere is very good as well. Where will there be? Let's see 10 delicious restaurants on Koh Mak.

1.COCOCAPE Sea Side Restaurant & Bar

Let's start with the restaurant of Coco Cape, Koh Mak resort. The highlight of this restaurant is Located on the wooden bridge. The ideal time is evening, which the atmosphere is very romantic if you bring your lover to dinner at seaside.

2. Chic & Chill Cafe

Chic & Chill Cafe Restaurant is an Italian style restaurant. The shop is decorated in a romantic style. Suitable for bringing lovers to eat a lot. For this shop, there are always many Thai and foreign customers stop by. The location of the shop is next to Koh Mak Homestay and recommend menu of this restaurant have many menu, such as Pork Steak and Spicy Spaghetti.

3. Koh Mak Seafood

A home-style restaurant by the sea. There are both indoor and outdoor zones. If you coming during the day, we recommend you to sit inner zone due outer may have high temperature. If you sit at outside zone you can relax with the sea breeze. The recommended menu of this restaurant is Soft Shell Crab with Garlic, Fried Prawns with Chili and Chinese Oyster Omelet. The price of food is not too expensive, there are start at 120 baht, the restaurant is not far from Ao Nid pier.

4. Koh Mak Resort Restaurant

It is a famous restaurant of the Koh Mak Resort. Which has been open for a long time. The restaurant also has a zone next to the sea. In addition, the taste is delicious, you also can check-in and take photos for post on your social network. Reccommend food are Seafood, Seafood Fried Rice, Papaya Salad and Fish, that should not be missed in all respects.

5.TableTale Restaurant & Cafe

TableTale Restaurant & Cafe is a restaurant + café. Decorated in loft style mixed industrial style. There are both indoor seats under the roof. And outdoor garden. The signature dish is Grilled Scallop, Shrimp in Fish Sauce and Lump Crab with Chili.

6. Aunt Som Laem Son

Laem Son forest restaurant, home-style restaurant. The view is on the beach, located at Laem Son. The atmosphere is shady and full of pine trees, and you are also can see Koh Kradad as well.

7. Khun Mam's Kitchen, Koh Mak

This shop always has fresh ingredients. Although this is a small shop, what you will get back to is the excellent service. The service is very friendly. Recommended dishes such as Seafood Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice, and Steamed Squid with Lime and Squid, located next to Makathani Hotel.

8. Rabiang Talay, Cinnamon Koh Mak

Rabiang Talay, Cinnamon Koh Mak, a beautiful view restaurant with a lot of angles for taking pictures. You can say that who comes to Koh Mak, this restaurant must be on the list. Whether because of the freshest seafood. The menu that you need to try is Stir Fried Squid with Salted Egg.

9. Koh Mak Island Restuarant

Continue to Koh Mak Island restaurant, Thai style fusion restaurant. The restaurant decorated in Thai style with Thai food but there are so mixed with other national dishes. That makes this restaurant a very popular for both of Thai and Foreigners. The location of this restaurant is near Koh Mak Villa.

10. Seavana Beach Restaurant

Seavana Beach Restaurant is the restaurant of Seavana Beach Resort Koh Mak. The restaurant is decorated in elegantly style, similar as style of hotel, but the food prices are not as expensive as they are, with the price being affordable, starting at only 150 baht, the restaurant's recommended menu is Fish with herbs, Fried Fish and Fried Shrimp.