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What To Expect

12.50 pm. Pick up tourists from various point ( Khaosan area)

13.00 pm. Departure from Bangkok to Train Market.

14.30 pm. Arrive at the Train market. Well know amazing mae klong fresh

market which sets along sides of the railroad trere are trains

passing through about eight times a day and everytimes a train

is coming those vendors will close their awnings to make room

for the train to pass. Actually it is just a regular fresh if no

train passing. It is an amazing market that must be very

exciting while a train is running through

16.00 pm. Arrive at Amphawa floating market. One of the top famous

floating market in Thailand. You will have a chance to see, taste

and shop local food and goods from people in Thai area.

18.30 pm. Came back the meeting point area for take a boat to see the

beautiful fireflies as they shimmer and sparkle hypnotically

above the water.

19.30 pm. Departure from Amphawa floating market.

21.00 pm. Arrive back in Bangkok. (Khaosan area )


Remark Itinerary tour subject to change with out notice.

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